Please meet URBAN-HERO ZERO, the game-changing urban protection device.

The perfect synthesis between sports sunglasses and a filter mask, ZERO is equipped with replaceable filters capable of retaining more than 95% of dust, pollen and bacteria, in combination with two one-way valves, which facilitate exhalation and increase comfort, and replaceable anti-fog lenses capable of protecting the urban hero from UV rays and pollution on all of their adventures.

Key Features


is equipped with replaceable P2 filters capable of retaining more than 95% of dust, pollen and bacteria

Anti Fog Lens

lens is replaceable and is treated with a special coating preventing fog in all weather conditions

One way - valves

to facilitate exhalation and increase comfort

Comfort / Perfect Fit

ZERO weights less than 100 grs


Key Benefits

Breathe clean

The air you breathe in from your nose is 95% PM free

Protect your eyes

from PM and UV rays


Uncover your smile

talk and smile freely

Live longer

longer and better

Internal ventilation system

ZERO is designed to convey the air inflow from the top during inhalation, filtering noxious pollutants and ensuring that only clean air reaches your eyes and nose. During the exhalation from the nose the air will outflow from the bottom through a system of valves easily activated by your breath, allowing a continuous air circulation and reducing fog.


I am already wearing a traditional mask and realizing that quite often it does not fit well, is ZERO any different?

You’re spot on! Most masks, although with good filters, can’t assure that 100% of the air is filtered before reaching your nose and mouth, because of lateral drafts. ZERO biocompatible material 100% adheres to your face, 0% external air reaches your nose and eyes.

I am always wearing a helmet when riding my bicycle, can I wear ZERO at the same time?

Of course yes! As urban heroes we promote the usage of bike helmets at all times. That’s why our designers have built ZERO to fit with all helmets.

I am usually wearing glasses, can I wear ZERO at the same time?

Unfortunately not yet. But if instead you’re using contact lenses you don’t have to fear losing them while riding anymore.

How much my eyes are protected with ZERO?

With ZERO your eyes are protected both by UV rays and harmful particulate matter, which can cause several eyes diseases. The air that reaches your eyes is filtered as much as the one you can breath in.

Why is the mouth not covered?

the Urban-Hero ZERO protective device responds to the universal human instinct for which in the event of bad smells or poor quality of the air, one is led to close his mouth and breathe only through his nose. It thus guarantees to breathe in freely from the nose, filtering the fine dust so harmful to human health, protecting the eyes and leaving the possibility to speak easily and share a smile.

Will ZERO be available in different sizes?

The very first prototypes were developed considering multiple sizes. We then worked on components design and are happy to say ZERO can be worn by all adults. We do not anticipate kids sizes at this point in time.

What happens to ZERO when it rains?

Our designers have spent many hours on this: bikers’ safety is ensured by anti-fog lenses, filters are well protected especially when wearing a helmet (an urban hero is always wearing one), exhalation valves guarantee no condensation is accumulated within the device

I am allergic to pollen and riding my bike can be a nightmare sometimes, does ZERO help?

Definitely yes, ZERO has P2 filters that can retain the finest particulate matter, bacterias and pollens too.

When wearing traditional masks and glasses -or sunglasses- at the same time my lenses get foggy very quickly. This can be very dangerous when on my bike in the city, can ZERO help?

Definitely yes, ZERO lenses are treated with anti-fog special coating.

Can ZERO protect me from viruses such as COVID-19?

URBAN-HERO mission is to defend all those who move around the city using sustainable means of transport – such as bicycles – from pollution without having to give up on safety, recognizability and sociability. Viruses are not in scope.

How long does ZERO’s filter last?
Average 2 weeks if used every day, although it might vary depending on usage and other circumstances.
What materials ZERO is made of?

Although our first goal is to manufacture ZERO as much as possible using eco friendly materials this is something we are still working on and first batches will be mainly made out of polycarbonate

Is ZERO altering the sound of my voice?

No way! You’ll actually be able to communicate better and more effectively since your mouth is uncovered.

Where will I be able to buy spare filters?
Both ZERO and spare filters will be purchasable online

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